A Short Guide to educate yourself on black history, culture and challenges, from a white person who used google to learn more.

~ Let’s become educated allies

This is a document I have compiled of resources to learn more about black people and their history. This might seem to you like an American problem – but it is not, as those that identify externally as white benefit from the oppression of black indigenous people of color world wide. Even if you are not around black people daily or even that often, I think it’s important to learn how we have benefited from the labor and mistreatment and oppression of that race.

So I know this is a heavy topic, but it’s heavier being a black person who can’t go for a run, a drive, a walk, to the store etc without the possibility of being killed.

For Black indigenous people of color reading this post, please provide me with feedback if you feel inclined. However, I know you are tired, angry, and grieving constantly from the battles you have been facing day in and day out. I want you to know that I SEE you, I RESPECT you, and I STAND with you. 

For the white people reading this post I urge you to give yourself 10 minutes a day with this document, and you will complete it within a weeks time. I challenge you to pass this resource on to 2 other white people you know.

Educational Resources to Begin your Allyship Journey